Campaign Summary: GSOC-UAW Local 2110

GSOC Membership Letter: A letter written by graduate student workers from NYU calling on the GSOC-Local 2110 to hold a referendum on joining the BDS movement. It was organized by the group NYU Out of Occupied Palestine.

Ballot of GSOC Resolution on BDSThe ballot given to members of NYU’s graduate student worker union, which called for the unit to join the BDS movement and pressure NYU and UAW International to divest from Israeli and international companies involved in “the ongoing violation of Palestinian human and civil rights.” The ballot also called on NYU to end its program in Tel Aviv University, as well as asked whether or not individual members would support an academic boycott of Israel.

Why vote NO on BDS?: Information provided by the pro-dialogue, anti-BDS group that developed in response to the union’s BDS resolution. The group, GSOC for Open Dialogue on Israel and Palestine, gave a variety of reasons — based on practical and moral grounds — as to why the union should not pursue endorsement of the BDS movement.

Statement on GSOC BDS Vote: The statement released by NYU Law Students for Israel condemning the GSOC-UAW Local 2110’s approval to support BDS. The statement also praises NYU’s President, Andrew Hamilton, in his response to the union’s vote.

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