RESOURCES:Pedagological and Organizing Resources

Focused on the classroom and on guided self-education, the pedagogical resources section of Israel and the Academy offers material in several categories: scholarly essays ranging across the fields of Jewish studies and Israel studies; timelines about Jewish history; extensive links to a vast range of educational resources available online elsewhere; and the world’s largest public library of course syllabi in Jewish studies and Israel studies. Elsewhere on Israel and the Academy we engage with the controversies taking place on campus. Here we concentrate on altogether affirmative resources. We believe nuanced, academically sound teaching—both of the present and the past—remains perhaps the single best way to improve the quality of campus discussions. Knowledge about culture and history can encourage understanding of and respect for all peoples. As the syllabus library grows (and we invite faculty to submit additional syllabi) we hope eventually to represent the field comprehensively. Inclusion of a person’s syllabus does not of course imply approval of all the other positions articulated on the site. Even people with long experience in the field will find many of these syllabi informative and inspiring.


Detailed information about the subdivisions in this section of Israel and the Academy can be found by following the link to the next page. We have assembled fliers, essayspackets of readings, videos, and a variety of links to other resources designed to inform people about relevant debates taking place on campus and in communities. These resources should empower students, faculty, and community members to be better informed and empowered to be more effective when dealing with debates about Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The overall aim is to increase empathy for both peoples and make the goal of a two-state solution tangible and realistic.