The Alliance for Academic Freedom

This website lists its faculty members, offers a detailed set of principles that apply academic freedom to the Mideast context, supplies detailed statements on multiple relevant issues, and prints op eds by numerous individuals. Also available are all the Third Narrative policy essays that define and conceptualize routes to peace that honor the national aspirations of both Israelis and Palestinians. Website


Academic Engagement Network

Organized to oppose BDS and support a two-state solution, the AEN website offers a range of resources focused on the struggles taking place on American campuses, along with a selection of relevant publications by faculty allied with the organization. Website


The Academic Friends of Israel

Websites feature statements, opinion pieces, links, and other information on anti-Semitism and the BDS
movement on university campuses and inside labor unions. Blog | Digest



Trade Union Friends of Israeli (TUFI): Promoting Israeli-Palestinian Trade Union Co-operation

UK site, but hosts universal information about the case against boycotts, links to co-operative organizations in Israel, and general information and news about the conflict. |



Anti-Israel Academic Boycott Resource Centre

Website is out-of- date, but provides helpful definitions and comprehensive FAQs, as well as a wide range of documents regarding Israel, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and Jewish history.  Website



Divest This!

Website devoted to explaining divestment on college campuses and elsewhere, featuring a guide to combating resolutions and a humorous approach to strategizing against BDS. Website



SPME: Scholars for Peace in the Middle East  Website



AJC’s Boycott of Israel Resources

Offers a collection of opinion pieces, talking points, statements, and other information against the BDS movement. Website



The BDS Campaign Against Israel

ADL’s resource page on combating BDS, including opinion pieces, a guide for pro-Israel activists, posters, and a handbook for responding to anti-BDS campaigns on college campuses. Website



Honest Reporting: Defending Israel from Media Bias

Monitors the news for bias, inaccuracy, or other breach of journalistic standards in coverage of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Hosts information about a wide range of topics, but also has a page of resources devoted to combating BDS. Website



Stand for Israel

Resource center that provides information on Israel, summaries of main issues facing the country now, and guides on how to take action to support Israel and combat anti-Semitism. Website



Israel Allies Foundation

The foundation works with governments around the world to mobilize political support for Israel based on Judeo-Christian values. Provides news and in-depth analysis of issues facing Israel today (including but not limited to the BDS movement), as well as guides to advocating for Israel. Website