Campaign Summary: Stanford University

Petition Against Divestment at Stanford University

This petition explains why the signatories are recommending against anyone at Stanford University participating in the BDS movement. Divestment does not promote the type of complex thinking that is needed in order to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. They go on to explain that the Stanford Out of Occupied Palestine is biased in their depiction of the conflict, often omitting the fact that Israel is also attacked by Gazans/Palestinians. They also express concern with the fact that the Stanford group tries to link police violence in the United States to an international problem, such as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Statement of the Stanford Board of Trustees on divestment

This document is that statement released by the Stanford University board released on how they decided not to divest from companies that do business in Israel. They explain that it divestment would go against the “university’s mission and its responsibility to support and encourage diverse opinions would be compromised by endorsing an institutional position” on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The board cites their Statement on Investment Responsibility to further legitimize their decision against divestment.

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