Relating to Boycotts


10 Key Problems With BDS
A flier from Dreams Deferred: A Concise Guide to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and the Movement to Boycott Israel. Chicago: MLA Members for Scholars’Rights / Distributed by Indiana University Press, 2016. DOWNLOAD.


Endorsed by Scholars for Israel & Palestine (SIP) and the Alliance for Academic Freedom (AAF). DOWNLOAD.


Anti-Zionism as Anti-Semitism
From Todd M. Endelman’s “Antisemitism in Western Europe Today.” Derek Penslar, Michael R. Marrus, and Janice Gross Stein, eds. Contemporary Antisemitism: Canada and the World. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2005, pp. 64-79. DOWNLOAD.


BDS Myths and Facts
From Philip Mendes and Nick Dyrenfurth, Boycotting Israel is Wrong. Sydney: University of New South Wales Press, 2015. DOWNLOAD.


Discipline-Specific Anti-Boycott Arguments
A 14-page flier detailing anti-BDS arguments tailored for different academic diciplines. DOWNLOAD.


FAQs on Academic Boycotts
A flier created by the Alliance for Academic Freedom (AAF). DOWNLOAD.


Pressive Values in Action: Oppose Both Boycotts of Israel and Occupation of Palestinian Lands
A flier created by AMEINU: Liberal Values, Progressive Israel. DOWNLOAD.


One State or Two?: A brief guide to solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Reprinted with permission from Boycotting Israel is Wrong, copyright by Philip Mendez and Nick Dyrenfurth. Sydney: University of New South Wales Publishing, 2015. DOWNLOAD.


Why BDS is Antisemitic
By David Hirsh. DOWNLOAD.


Six Broadsides for Peace in Palestine 

By Cary Nelson. DOWNLOAD.