Organizing Resources

A variety of resources have been collected and developed for the purpose of countering the boycott, divestment, sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel within the academy. Much of the material stems from past campaigns organized by faculty, while other documents have been crafted by various organizations.


The one- or two-page fliers in this section, including several commenting on the BDS movement, of the site are designed to give students, faculty, and community members documents they can distribute to friends, colleagues, and audiences at campus, professional, and community events. They cover a number of key topics very briefly. You can photocopy them or send them as email attachments. We also invite you to revise them and rebrand them with the name of your group. However, if you include material taken from published books or essays, you need to credit the source. We will be adding to these periodically as people address pressing topics in this compressed and focused way. Suggestions are welcome.


Each of these packets compiles multiple documents intended for in-depth reading on key subjects of debate about Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. They include packets on the Two-State Solution, the Apartheid Debate, and the Pinkwashing Accusation. We encourage you to link to them on your websites, add the URLs to memos and fliers, and excerpt sections for other forms of distribution. This section will be expanded over time. Suggestions are welcome.

Essays and Reports

This section is devoted to individual reports and essays about subjects frequently addressed in debates about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It will be regularly expanded.